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About Food Rescue

40% of America’s food goes to waste, while 1 in 6 people go hungry right here in Cuyahoga County​. It’s not that we do not make enough food, it’s that
good food is ending up in landfills.

We launched Hunger Network Food Rescue as a direct response to the
disconnect between food waste, hunger, and environmental sustainability.

What is Rescued Food?

Rescued food is delicious food that would otherwise go to waste. For example, if a grocery store receives oddly shaped apples, they may dispose of them instead of trying to sell them, even though they are perfectly edible.

Common Rescued Foods:



Baked Items

Prepared Goods

Nationally, fresh produce makes up only 10-15 percent of donations to those in need. Through Food Rescue, 87 percent of what we distribute is fresh produce!

Using the Hunger Network Food Rescue app, powered by Food Rescue Hero, our network of volunteers will be directed from food donation pick-up to drop-off. With this innovative technology, we can get this food into the hands of those who are food insecure in less than an hour.

Become a #FoodRescueHero!

Feeding our communities’ future

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